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Insurance Agent Jack Hanks Arizona Discusses Why Flood Insurance Is Essential for Every Home

Insurance agent Jack Hanks Arizona discusses why flood insurance is essential for every home.

Flood insurance isn’t required for many homeowners across the United States. However, the experts at FEMA state that flooding is the most expensive and common natural disaster in the United States. Flooding doesn’t only affect homes in high-risk areas. Insurance agent Jack Hanks Arizona recently explained why flood insurance is essential for every home, whether in a high-risk area or not.

“Unfortunately, so many homeowners think that because they don’t live near a large body of water, they don’t need flood insurance,” Jack Hanks Arizona said. “This results in countless families undergoing financial crises due to flooding each year.”

Jack Hanks Arizona explained the financial crises due to flooding are easy and affordable to prevent. He explained that flood insurance policies for moderate- to low-risk areas are extremely cost-effective, and it’s practically a no-brainer to purchase one of these policies. Hanks added that those in high-risk areas have a one-in-four or higher chance of flooding throughout the course of a 30-year mortgage. Those are high chances. 

“Between the years of 2014 and 2018, more than 40 percent of flood insurance claims made were outside of the high-risk areas,” Jack Hanks Arizona said. “Year after year, natural disaster after natural disaster, we are reminded of the importance of flood insurance.”

Jack Hanks Arizona explained that many flood insurance claims are not due to living near bodies of water. They are due to broken water lines, snowmelt, poor drainage, local construction projects, and more. He emphasized that policyholders don’t have to live anywhere near a body of water to experience flooding. 

“Many homeowners expect their home insurance policies to cover flood insurance, but that’s actually quite rare,” Jack Hanks Arizona said. “It’s essential to review your homeowners insurance policy with a qualified agent to understand whether or not flood insurance is included. If not, we always suggest you purchase a flood insurance policy immediately.”

Jack Hanks Arizona explained that homeowners never know when a flood may occur, and they typically happen at the most unexpected times. He added that purchasing a flood insurance policy doesn’t have to break the bank, as policies in low-risk areas are extremely affordable. Jack Hanks Arizona added that those who purchase flood insurance in low- to moderate-risk areas hardly notice an increase in their monthly insurance payments. However, the peace of mind having a flood insurance policy is priceless.

“Flood insurance is what protects your home and your possessions should a flood occur,” Jack Hanks Arizona said. “Having the peace of mind that your investments are protected is worth purchasing a policy alone.”

Jack Hanks Arizona added that those interested in purchasing homeowners or flood insurance policies in Scottsdale, Ariz., and beyond can give him a call or visit his office at any time.

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Jack Hanks Offers Advice for Filing Hail Damage Insurance Claims

Public adjuster, Jack Hanks, explains how you can identify hail damage and take actionable steps towards a claim.

When a hail storm strikes, your property can suffer! The effects of hail on roofs, vehicles, gutters, and aluminum siding can cause lasting damage, especially with larger ice formations. Many people don’t realize that hailstones circulate in the air with powerful updrafts and winds before eventually falling to the ground. Jack Hanks notes that while all sizes of hail can cause damage, stones that are 1-inch or larger make the most impact.

Compared to other natural disasters like hurricanes or tornadoes, hail storms fall short on the list. However, they are more common, and costly, than people realize. Almost every state experiences hail storms, including Texas, which often ranks as one of the top states to file insurance claims. With storms being so widespread, Jack Hanks recommends staying knowledgeable about insurance policy plans for hail storms and other weather events. Not all policies cover roof damage caused by hail, which can leave you in a bad situation. Always ask your public adjuster if you have questions about coverage or live in an area that is prone to hail storms.

The problem with hail storms is that damage accumulates over time. It may not be noticeable until the roof starts to leak, which can lead to harder repairs or even a total replacement of the roof. After every storm, Jack Hanks recommends inspecting your property for damage. Of course, remember that safety comes first during all routine checks.

Start inspecting your property from the ground up by looking for dents in gutters and downspouts. Any minor damage you find on the ground means there is potentially more damage up above. Jack Hanks notes that since winds are generally higher, the side of your building is more likely to have damage. Don’t forget to check air conditioner units, patio covers, mailboxes, and backyard decks. Other signs of hail damage include torn window screens, fallen tree limbs, and shredded foliage.

Next, it’s time to start inspecting higher off the ground. In addition to checking your roof, look at other aspects of your property such as vents, chimneys, skylights, and similar features. For reflective surfaces, Jack Hanks recommends using chalk to identify harder to see damage spots. If you do identify signs of damage, examine further for potential leaks.

If you have roof shingles, closely inspect them because that will be the most important aspect of a hail insurance claim. Jack Hanks notes that it might be best to call in a professional for shingles, since it is the most difficult type of roof to assess. Plus, there are various types of shingles used for homes. Each material must be assessed differently.

If serious damage is identified, contact your public adjuster who can help assess costs and file a claim for you. A public adjuster is your best advocate and can help you get the most out of your insurance claim. If you choose not to use a public adjuster, Jack Hanks recommends contacting multiple contractors to get estimates of repair costs.